Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well, It Could Have Been A Lot Worse!

They plugged into the computer in the Ford and it told them the alternator is shot. It certainly could have been a lot worse! It will cost about $700 and as they do not have one in stock, it is being over-night shipped from the supplier and will be installed tomorrow (Friday).

We are also having the transmission serviced and an oil and lube job done. The bill will be around $1200. Not as bad as it could have been. I had nightmares last night about a blown transmission.

Since our bedroom is in the shop we will have to find something to do around town until after seven when they close. They told us that we are not allowed to sleep in it while it is in their parking lot but what they do not know won't hurt them. And it will save a hundred dollar hotel room.

We might go to the Route 66 Casino for a while. I feel lucky!


  1. Glad it is not the transmission, funny really i was being smart don't what the transmission is...anyway glad you will be on the road again soon, no more bad luck this trip, don't hurry rain forecast for all next week, be safe and happy Les

  2. I would have been *very* surprised had that been a transmission issue. In fact, I should have recognized that it was an alternator problem, having had one of those of my own with my Honda.

    Hope you don't get caught. ;-)

    How many days behind is this going to put you? I calculated at least five days--yesterday, tomorrow, Friday, the weekend, and part of Monday.