Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mustang Island and Port Aransas

East of Padre Island is Mustang Island and the is where we headed next. Mustang Island is a little more populated and has many condo developments. We also saw a nice RV park where you can buy your spot and put it in a rental pool for when you are not there. It is possible to drive the length of the Island, take a ferry to the mainland and complete a nice circle drive of a little under 100 miles. We did not do this but drove to Port Aransas at the end of the Island, had a nice late lunch / early dinner, and returned the way we had come. Port Aransas has many interesting seafood restaurants. We had to choose only one but think we did pretty good.

pa1 pa2

pa3 DSC_1167

The top stickpin is Port Aransas and the bottom one is our RV park.

Map picture

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