Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We collected the motorhome from Brooks and Linda's friends house where they have a big circular driveway and were on our way by 10.

The house was in great shape and we spent the day setting up the new TV in the bedroom. When I opened the box I found the remote was broken. I called Toshiba Canada and was told to call USA support as that was where we bought it. I called USA support and was told that since we had taken it to Canada there was no warranty and I was out of luck! This is a brand new HD TV and I am out of luck! They did offer to mail a replacement to a USA address so I will work on that angle and find someone to forward it to me.

I had better luck getting the Windows 7 laptop set up. I dumped a bunch of the bloat and program trials that came with it and got Quicken installed and working so now I can officially get rid of the old eMachines. I have a couple more programs to install and will work on that after I get the taxes done. I am dreading finding out how many thousands we owe...

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  1. If you want a Nevada address you've got it. Congratulations on making it home.