Saturday, April 3, 2010

My New Glasses

Every time I get new glasses I go through a period of adjustment while I get used to them. The worst time was when I got my first pair in 2000 just before I retired. At that time both Norma and I had a plan from our employers that each covered 50% of the cost so I got them for nothing. Back then I gave up on them altogether for a while and tried to do without. I got dizzy and sick to the stomach every time I put them on. Driving was almost impossible. Eventually I got used to them and every new pair since has been a slight variation on these feelings.

This time was no different and the morning after I picked them up I was almost ready to cross the border again and take them back. Instead I kept them on and waited out the day. Now they are fine. I think it is because the focus point and splits in the bifocals are in slightly different places and I just have to get used to it.

I like the Transition feature. It is like wearing sunglasses and the change when I walk into or out of the sun is very quick and not noticeable. My sister had a pair some time ago but did not like them because the change was too slow and she was blind for a few seconds when she came indoors. These do not do that so I guess the technology has improved.

The pair I bought in Canada in 2000 were progressive only and cost $750. Two years later I replaced them in Algodones, Mexico for $120! I have bought several more pairs in Mexico and when I was in to see my Canadian Optometrist this summer he asked about them. I told him the price and he said his cost for the frames was more than I paid for the whole thing. He liked the glasses and and said the workmanship was excellent. His only suggestion was to get Transition lenses next time so that is what I did. They were slightly more expensive at $160 USA but the Canadian dollar is almost at par right now so it was a very good deal.

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