Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We watched the weather channel for a while this morning and decided to make a run straight to Seattle. We headed west to Gallup and turned North. I just love this country of scrub desert and tall mesas. It takes me back to all the old western movies I watched as a kid.

We stopped in Shiprock, NM and talked to a Navajo woman about blankets. She told us the stores charge at least double what the weavers sell them for and if we want one, the best way is to get someone like her to take us to meet the people who actually weave them.

We could not stay long as our taxes have to be filed by the 30th and we still have a long way to go. I checked when we left Canada and it was actually the 28th and not the 25th so we do not have to be back until the 27th. This gives us a little breathing room but I still have to sort the mail for tax stuff and do the taxes on the 29th at the very latest!

We are at the Ute Mountain Casino a few miles from Cortez, CO listening to the cold wind whip across the parking lot. We might go for their $3.99 breakfast before hitting the road. Last night I spent a couple of hours breaking even on the penny slots while Norma made about $40. Another good night but we have to get a little more serous about getting home and hope to cover quite a few miles today.

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  1. Hey Croft and Norma! I've been lurking, and following your adventures this year, and have been enjoying all of them. Aside from a couple of mishaps, it's been a good trip, no? :)

    After reading of some of your troubles about which way to go where, I wanted to let you know Garmin has included the Mexico Maps in the 2011.10 update. New maps for the next time!

    Save your favourite spots as POI's as well, and share them so we can all enjoy!

    Have a safe trip home the rest of the way.

    Rob - TWU