Saturday, April 17, 2010

Santa Fe

Santa Fe was a short drive of a little over an hour from Albuquerque. It passes through several First Nations Reservations, each with their own casino. Casinos seem to be one of the only growth industries in the USA right now and most were advertising some great acts. Michael McDonald, Credence Clearwater Revival and David Spade to mention a few.

The GPS would not take us to the hotel, insisting there was no 7000 block of St, Francis Street. We eventually found it the old fashioned way. I am going to try doing that more often before I become too dependent on the GPS and forget how to find my way around without it.

We drove down to the main plaza and walked a bit before going for dinner. It is COLD in Santa Fe! There is a cold wind blowing and I had to stop at a store to buy a sweat shirt. We found The Ore House and climbed the stairs for dinner. I had halibut and Norma had a small steak. We each had a glass of wine and the bill was $75 before tip. This would be a very expensive place to live!

Negotiating and Sale:

DSC_1489 DSC_1491

The Restaurant:


Street Scenes:

DSC_1496 DSC_1501


  1. No wonder you are cold. Santa Fe is at 7000ft altitude. Just FYI there is a door#109 not too far from where Norma is purchasing something from one of the vendors. This door is the one the scientists were taken in the front door and immediately out the back and were headed for Los Alamos to develop the atomic bomb. Jim and I have a picture of the bronze plaque near the front door. Good luck with the RV repairs and safe drive home.

  2. Having lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico until I retired and moved to Old Mexico, I assure you that it was not a particularly expensive place to live. Of course, I never ate at the tourist restaurants either. There are dozens of wonderful restaurants where you would have gotten out the door for much less...some of my favorites are Castros, Horseman's Haven, Plaza Cafe (touristy but reasonable), Harry's Roadhouse, Bobcat Bite, India House....