Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anderson, CA

We are parked for the night in the Walmart Superstore in Anderson, California. This has become a regular stop for us as we have always had the vehicles serviced here. They have bulk synthetic oil and their prices are usually lower than anywhere else. It was 6:30 when I backed the car off and walked over to the service center. I asked them if they had time to do the Mazda tonight and they said, “Bring it over”! It was finished before their closing time of 7:00 and cost me under $50 for a full synthetic oil change and “safety check”. I thought it might need a new battery but it load tested just fine. We will take the motorhome in tomorrow morning.

I have no Virgin Broadband here so I am saving this post to be sent tomorrow from the road. Norma is getting two networks of digital TV so she is happy. Life is Good!

Well, darn! I probably could have had Internet last night. I just noticed my Internet stick had rattled loose from it's perch in the Cradlepoint. I pulled it out and pushed it back in and it is working...


  1. I guess I missed a post. What happened to the Honda?

  2. California already! I bet you can smell the pescado Veracruz already1

  3. Chris, the Honda developed some engine problems and could not be trusted to start every time. We decided not to throw money at a 24 year old car and to bring Norma's Mazda 626 down this time.

    It is 2 inches wider than the Honda and has already suffered a minor dent when I turned too sharp with it on the dolly. I will need some Mexican body work when we leave for home.

  4. Croft you seem to be a tad relaxed...first the dent and then the internet connection!