Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To ...

We crossed into Oregon at about noon today and stopped at Camping World. We had a purchase from last year to return and one of our Fantastic Fans had quit. We got our money back from the return and went over to the service desk. She told us that Fantastic Fans are guaranteed for life and she would call them for us. They told her to trouble shoot the fan and if it needed repairs or replacement to go ahead and do that. One of the guys came into the rig and confirmed all the tests I had done. There was power, the fuse was good, the fan would not run, etc.

He then climbed up on the roof, took off the cover, fiddled around, sprayed some WD40 and suddenly the fan started working. I felt pretty stupid but the service woman cut the basic charge in half so it only cost me $30 instead of $60. I don't think she should have charged me anything but they did go out of their way to accommodate us. We still walked out of the store money ahead.

We then crossed the highway to the Les Schwab Tire dealership where we had bought six new Toyo motorhome tires two years ago. They told us that we could stop any time we drove past and they would inspect the tires for us. He checked the tire pressure and every tire was 10 - 15 pounds low! He topped them off and I asked him to check the car and dolly as well. Those tires were also low! I don't know why. The motorhome sure handles better now!

The funny Part:

We stopped for a very late breakfast at a little mom and pop restaurant in Oregon. It was very good. Norma only made it half way through her plate of ham and eggs and I just barely finished my plate of eggs and hash browns. Huge portions!

The bill was $18.50. I pulled out a brand new, fresh from the ATM American twenty and put it with the bill. I realized there was not enough change left for a tip there so I reached into my pocket and came up with $1.75 in Canadian coins which I put on top of the twenty. That amounted to a $3.25 tip for an $18.50 tab. Not bad I thought.

We got up to leave and the waitress came over. She pulled out the bill and the $20 and then started moving the coins around with her finger while looking at them as if they were Martian money or something. She looked up at me and said, "Don't you have any American change"?  I said, "Look, the USA $20 covers the bill and the rest is a tip. If you don't want it, don't take it! Put it in a can and someday you will have enough to visit Canada!"

We then drove on and realized that with all the stops we could not make it to the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR before dark. I searched for Walmarts on the GPS and Norma called the first one to ask if we could stay there. They said, "normally yes, but right now most of the parking lot is being repaired so we have no room.' We drove to the next and they told us there was a city ordinance against overnight RV parking but directed us to the Eugene Walmart Superstore. There were also "No Overnight Parking" signs there but we were told that everyone parks on the adjoining street and no one is ever bothered. So that is where we are tonight. Tomorrow we will find out if there is snow on the Siscuse Pass between OR and CA.


  1. Just came over the pass yesterday. Yes, there is snow, but not on the road, unless it rains tomorrow...then maybe it will be. Travel safe!

  2. It's too bad that you didn't remember from my blog that there's really nice RV parking at the River Valley Center in Eugene. Note to your readers! :)

    (it's neat reading about this regular stretch of highway for you now that I have done it!)

  3. I remembered Rae, but thought it was a Walmart...

  4. Ah, that's too bad. There's always the trip home!

    (not that we want to think about such things right now!)