Monday, November 28, 2011

Lions Roar!

It was a great Grey Cup game yesterday! It was pretty much all BC but Winnipeg got close enough a couple of times to keep it very exciting. It was great to see the home team win though!

We are up early today (7:30) to get ready for the border crossing. We will be in Santa Anna tonight and may be able to pick up the WIFI from the hotel down the street. If so, I will post a report. Stay tuned!

Map picture


  1. Hi Croft:
    We are off to Los Mochis today and into Maz tomorrow. We did get an open Wifi at Edgar & Anna's so you may too. Safe travels.

  2. Welcome to MEXICO!!!!! safe travels what is the plan? Cheers Les

  3. Wishing you safe travels as you journey south. We also love Mexico!

  4. All I can say about the cross is buena suerte!

    Tag in when you can. :)

  5. Hola you two!!! Have not had internet for 4 days but now back online. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels/