Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smokin' Joe Frazier, Dead At 67

Smokin' Joe Frazier died tonight of liver cancer. He was best known for his long time rivalry with Muhammad Ali. Frazier won the undisputed heavyweight title with a 15-round decision over Ali at Madison Square Garden in March 1971, in an extravaganza known as the "Fight of the Century". However, Ali scored a 12-round decision over Frazier at the Garden in a non-title bout in January 1974. Then came the "Thrilla in Manila" championship bout in October 1975, regarded as one of the greatest fights in boxing history. It ended when a battered Frazier, one eye swollen shut, did not come out to face Ali for the 15th round.

Frazier was known as a "Blue Collar" fighter who just waded in and whaled on his opponent with a series of jabs, setting him up for to his notorious bone crushing left hook, the single blow that ended many fights in Joe's favor!

Frazier walks away with Ali struggling on the canvas in 1971:

Thanks for the memories, Champ!

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  1. This is unfortunate. 67 is not old.
    Can't even begin to imagine being in the same ring with Mohamed Ali for 15 rounds. Wow.