Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back In The USA

We had an uneventful drive down to Victoria and arrived at the Black Ball Ferry just in time to pull into their parking lot for the night. About twenty minutes later brooks called to say that they were in a pub just up the street so we walked to there. A few minutes later Linda's parents arrived and we went for dinner at Santiago's. We all walked back to the motorhome for a few more glasses of wine. Brooks and Linda had a meeting in Victoria this morning so they had booked a hotel room that they could justify their company paying for so that meant they did not have to drive all the way home to Shawinigan Lake. Linda's parents live nearby so everyone made it home safe if not entirely sober....

At 8:00 we walked over to buy our $252 ferry ticket and waited to be pre-screened by USA customs. The ferry did not leave until 10:30 but after customs there was no time to go for breakfast so we had a bite on the ferry. One thing BC ferries has Washington  ferries beat on is food! Norma had chili and I had a lukewarm bowl of clam chowder. At least it filled the void.

We stopped in Port Angeles long enough for me to buy a month of pay as you go Virgin Broadband for $40 and then a tank of gas with our Safeway discount card for $3.61 per gallon, the cheapest we saw all afternoon. We are now parked in the RV friendly Walmart in Chahalis, WA. Dinner will be microwaved frozen dinners. We are happy here in Walmart and Walmart is happy that we spent $190! Life is Good!


  1. Finally, you guys are on your way! Let us know your flight plan!

  2. Glad you're making good tracks!

    But microwave frozen dinners when there's an Applebee's right there?!

  3. So, the Canadian Geese are heading south for the winter? :) Have a safe trip and we'll be 'tagging along'. Did you remember to empty your tanks before hitting the US border? :P

  4. Colin always says it would be cheaper to stay in an RV park.

  5. I agree with Chris....keep us posted on your path. We'd love to see you two again.
    Safe travels.

  6. I have eaten at Santiagos in Victoria. My friends there sure pronounce the name different than I do :)