Saturday, November 12, 2011

Still Moving!

We are in a HUGE truck stop on I-5 about fifty miles south of Sacramento. As can be expected, it is full of trucks with a couple of RV's off in a corner. We walked next door to a Carl Jr's where I had one of their excellent fish burgers and Norma had the taco salad. The Virgin Broadband is working well and we are getting two channels on the TV.

We stopped at the Olive Pit in Corning and stocked up with $65 worth of various olives, Garlic stuffed, bleu cheese stuffed, anchovy stuffed, pimento stuffed and one or two I can't remember. They are on the front seat of the car with the $230 worth of booze we bought yesterday at our favorite roadside liquor store just over the California State line on I-5 (on the right, you can't miss it). It is a friendly place with "best in California" prices so we bought about eight 1.75 liter bottles of the normal variety of imbibments. I finished off today by buying a $50 bottle of single malt for yours truly at a small liquor store across from the Olive Pit! It will be a busy six months!

While we were getting the oil changed in the motorhome today, I was browsing through the liquor section of Walmart to see how much we saved (quite a bit!) when I noticed that the Walmart "Oak Leaf" house brand of wine had been "rolled back" to $1.97 per bottle of merlot and cab. It is actually pretty good wine so I bought a few. "Happy Hours" await! Life is Good!


  1. There's nothing better than a whiskey that's old enough to order it's own whiskey. :-)

  2. sounds like it was a successful 'necessity' shopping trip :)

  3. Agreed! That '2 Buck Chuck' is pretty good wine for the price.

  4. WHAT!!!! Mine was rolled back to $2.77 and I bought several cases......I would have had enough left over to buy some smooth malt.