Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We stopped in Parker yesterday afternoon and found the place Contessa and Colin got their AC fixed. Randy dug into the workings and announced there was no freon in the system! He said the first thing to do was to fill it and add dye so they could see the leak if there was one, He put in two pounds of freon and turned the AC on. Ice cold air poured out! It was working! He told us to monitor it for a few days and if it quit working to bring it back to him for further repairs. We loaded the car on the dolly and drove to Walmart for the night.

This morning I fired up the Mazda and turned on the AC. It blasted me with cold air. It was still working! If it fails in Yuma I can drive back to Parker for repairs. We headed south.

Two hours later we pulled into Yuma, bought a few groceries we needed and checked into Cocopah Golf and RV Resort for ten days. Perry and Sharon, our friends from Spokane, WA met us and invited us for happy hour. Life is Good!