Friday, November 25, 2011

Storm At Home

This photo posted in the local newspaper was taken in Campbell River on November 25 during a storm warning. It was taken right at the end of our driveway looking out towards Quadra Island. That "Big Rock" is about 20 feet tall and is normally high and dry on the shore! I hope someone is picking the driftwood off our driveway!

Here is what Jason, our housesitter, had to say about the storm:
"There were logs and debris surging over the high tide mark, and onto the highway. Waves crashing almost OVER the big rock, I put my rain gear on and walked down to the water and realized that there were full sized logs being tossed around like toothpicks, and so I retreated back across the highway and up the driveway at a safe distance to watch the chaos......."
There is another storm scheduled for tonight!
 City of Campbell River issues a public warning for the storm expected to roll in Friday evening


  1. After some of the storms I lived through there, I fail to be impressed. ;-)

    (I still remember the time it took me almost an hour to walk home from the convenience store!)

  2. And there's more coming tonight!
    I wanna leave!

  3. That's crazy!!! I wish I was there watching the storm!!

  4. Watching a storm like that helps us humans with a much needed sense of prospective; we may be the top of the food chain but aren't much compared to a storm like that!