Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Crossing

Everything went smoothly at the border. We were the only RV in the parking lot so we had the attention of two ladies to process us. All our papers were in order and they collected the $20 USA each for our visas and then made an error on the deposit for the car. Vehicles pre year 2000 are supposed to be $200 USA and they charged us $300, the deposit amount for slightly newer vehicles. It does not matter as we will get it back when we leave the country.

We pulled into Edgar and Anna's Punta Vista RV park in Santa Anna at about 3:00 PM. It is always nice to chat with these two. Edgar is a Mexican and Anna in an ex-pat American. They told us they were having a much better year this year as the RV'ers are coming back to Mexico. Last year they had to sell off part of their property to make ends meet so they are very happy to see us all! Last night there were about eight rigs in, most of them in a caravan heading for La Penita RV Park. It was being lead by Carol, the owner of the park, from Cortez Island near Campbell River. I kept my thoughts on caravans to myself...

Up bright and early today as everyone was pulling out. They had us boxed in so it was nice to see the parking lot emptying at about 9:00. We bought gas, had breakfast and headed south towards San Carlos. We found the Hermosillo bypass easily and then made our way onto the construction detour thanks to Kathy's description. It was a pretty rough detour and somewhere along the way we ran over some cow manure so the undercarriage smells pretty ripe. Norma is threatening to climb underneath with soap and a scrub brush. She is only saying that to shame me into doing it but it will not work!

The restaurant across the street is having an all you can eat fish and chips night for $100 pesos ($8) and the Totonaka RV park gave us a coupon for a free margarita each at the same place so that is where we are headed soon.

We parked next to a rig from Alberta with his Starchoice dish set up so I asked him if I might use it. He did not seem too anxious and was worried  that it might degrade his signal. I assured him it would not and told him if it did to just disconnect us. He said he would do that. I will have to take him a cold cercesa for his trouble!

It is 81 outside and 78 inside. Life is Good!


  1. Glad all went well! Thanks for tagging in.

  2. Glad to hear everything is going well. I tried to call your cell but it said the number may have changed.

    Have fun!

  3. now your in the land of paradise...good job..enjoy and take some pictures soon..so we can all see where you are :)

  4. now because you were not in this beautiful country last year.... some words of warning!!!

    There are still many places where you can buy good quality items unless Norma is barred from shopping!!!

    The bridges and tunnels are the same height they were before!!!!

    Have a safe and happy journey down hope to see you sometime this winter cheers and please tell Norma that was English humor!!! Les

  5. Not to worry Les. Our rig is two or three inches shorter this year so we will have no problems!

  6. Chris, we are having problems with the Telcel phone and broadband. I will Blog on it.

  7. Claudia and PJ from HolandaNovember 30, 2011 at 1:23 AM

    Hi Croft and Norma, great that you have arrived in beautiful Mexico. The La Penita caravan you saw in Santa Ana must have been the second one, because the first caravan arrived weeks ago in La Penita. We are still in Holland, we bought anohter house and will get the key on Friday. This one is also to rent out. We need to do some work on it, but we love to do that. Our camper is freezing to death in Calgary, poor thing!
    Safe travels going south, love CPJ