Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I finally gave up on trying to repair my old windows XP desktop. It was struggling along but finally bit the bullet last night. It froze and when I tried to restart, it said it had a disk failure. Nothing would fix it and I could not reload and backup images on it.

I unplugged the bad drive, jumpered my old "E" internal drive as a "master", downloaded openSUSE 1.4 and stuck the disk in. It opened and offered to install. It is now working (I am on it) and I am working through some little difficulties. I am a complete novice with Linux so I am starting at the beginning.

Norma is busy cleaning the motorhome for the fifteenth time so I am hiding in the computer room.


  1. LOL, I'd be hiding too! Especially considering the earlier post about loading the motorhome.

    Good luck with Linux.

  2. What was you deciding factor on openSUSE? I've installed UBUNTU on my spare PC to play around with. Considered moving completely over to it.

  3. It was the recommendation of Stan on the Escapees Forum. I have no experience with it at all so I am starting with a blank slate.