Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

As we were leaving Yuma yesterday I decided to make one more try to find a new pair of sandals for myself. My old pair were wearing thin and it is very difficult to find any kind of size 13 shoes in Mexico. We drove past a Big 5 sporting goods store and decided to stop in. It was about noon and the store had been open since midnight when the Black Friday sale had begun.

I did not expect to find much left but was surprised. I guess the economy has dampened people's spending habits but the store was almost empty of shoppers and I got a salesman almost immediately. It is always funny in Arizona when you ask for something associated with summer wear. Although it is 70+ outside, it is still "winter" to them and "summer" goods are put away. There are lots of winter jackets on the racks but no bathing suits or sandals! The salesman said he saw some in the back and would see if there were any size 13's. He came back with the one and only pair which were very similar to my worn out pair which I bought at Costco a couple of years ago for $29. There was no price on them but when I took them to the till I was happy to see them ring up for $15 as the "Black Friday" 50% off shoe sale was still in effect!

I am all set to hike the Mexican plazas and jardines! Life is good!

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