Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not Much Happening

not much happening here in Cocopah. We are catching up with friends we have made here over the years including Muff and Val from Vernon, BC. I met and worked with Muff almost from the day I started working for the telephone company way back in 1966. We have remained friends even though we only see each other once a year or two. Some friendships are just like that. Dave and Sharon came over last night for Happy Hour. They parked beside us for the three years we spent extended time here. They have since bought a park model in another park but we always manage to see each other. Gena and Carl from across the street and Perry and Sharron from up the road were here as well. We are a fun bunch!

I set up the Starchoice yesterday (I still refer to it by that name and not Shaw Direct. I resist change). We got a really good signal in just a few minutes using the DishPointer site. The BC Lions play in the Western Semi-finals on Sunday and I do not want to miss that game. The new receiver with the DVR works well in the bedroom. It will be nice to be able to record our favorite programs and watch them at a more convenient time. The downside is I now requite three of the four antenna outputs which makes sharing a dish hard to do. This is a normal practice in Mexico where a signal is sometimes a little harder to find.

Maybe I will try out the pool today. It is in the high 70's during the day and cools down nicely at night for sleeping.

We will rest up and stock up here for a few more days. I promise to get the camera out and post some photos.


  1. So glad you got the car's A/C working!

    Would that be Dave & Sharon who just might know us??? Were they here at Tres Amigos a few days ago?

  2. oops...too much vino....I mean 'a few years ago'!

  3. No, this Dave and Sharon have not been to MX

  4. Swimming in late November, you've gotta be from the north! LOL No local is going to get in the pool unless it's > 80F (that's 27C to you modern types).

  5. Hi Croft. When you say DVR do you mean PVR? If so was it any harder to set up than your previous Starchoice receiver? I'm contemplating replacing mine if the set-up is no more hassle than my present one. We have it down to a fine art now. Ray

  6. Hi Ray. Yes, I meant PVR. I set up the dish using the old receiver in the front and then after I got the dish set up, turned on the PVR. It showed a signal of 85 and works perfectly. I will try to use the PVR unit to find the signal next time and will report my success (or lack of) on the Blog.