Sunday, November 13, 2011

We Are In The Desert!

We are parked in the Flying J gas station overnight RV parking area in Barstow, CA. We stopped here because there is a Denny's and Norma wanted a turkey dinner. We ended up in a long RV parking spot and it is very quiet here as the trucks have another lot to park in. We will just stay right here tonight. We get a couple of channels of TV and my Virgin Broadband works.

Tomorrow we will head to Parker, Arizona where my Blogging friend Contessa had the air conditioning on their motorhome repaired. They were happy with the work so we will let the same place have a go at Norma's Mazda. We are still a few hours away so we will call them in the morning to see if they can take us.


  1. Be sure to mention Colin's name and our huge might get a better deal.