Sunday, November 20, 2011

What About Those BC Lions!!

What a game! 26 to 3 over Edmonton and the game is only half over! It looks like BC vs. Winnipeg in the Grey Cup Game next Sunday. It is warm and a little overcast today in Yuma. Tomorrow we will walk across the border into Algodones, MX for new glasses.

Yesterday we drove across town to visit with Kathy and Eric, some old friends from Terrace, BC. They are on their way to Mexico as well and we will see them down there as well. Football, good friends, new glasses, sunshine and Happy Hours! In Yuma, Arizona, Life is Good!


  1. good friends, happy hour in the sun and new glasses...yipeeee...

  2. Just spent an hour catching up with your Blog entries - glad to see you heading south - maybe you will get this far?

  3. Actually it was a HALF an hour - well spent I might add. ;-)

  4. January, it really seems far away when I'm shovelling the driveway.
    You look warm and toasty by the way.....Sylvia on the other hand it wrapped up in her blanket on the couch!

  5. Uhmmm, we sure could use some of that heat you speak of.

    Yes, it was a really great win for the BC Lions. We'll cheer them on again in defeating the Blue Bombers next Sunday.

  6. I thought I recognized that good lookin' couple in front of that rv!

    Can't wait to hear your Mexico travel plan!