Monday, November 7, 2011

I Am Hiding

Norma and her friend Nancy are loading the motorhome and I am hiding in the TV room. She is trying to stuff all the food from the pantry, kitchen and fridge into the motorhome. I dare not tell her it will not fit, she will find that out in due course. Then they will try to fit everything in our 20 cu. ft. freezer into the 2 cu. ft. RV freezer. She has two whole frozen Sockeye salmon and a half a frozen halibut she wants to take to Mexico for Christmas dinner. There are also a few pounds of frozen smoked salmon she wants for happy hours. I heard Nancy suggest taking a cooler and keeping it filled with dry ice for a month and a half. It is not going to happen. I am hiding!

Jason, our housesitter, and I drove the motorhome into town earlier today to fill up the propane tank. We had left the fridge running on propane when we got home in April and it emptied the propane tank. I was afraid there might be air in the system and I might have trouble with it but the fridge fired right up. The RV is running fine except for the square tires it developed over the summer. By the time we got home, it was smooth.

I will get a lube and oil change in both the motorhome and Mazda somewhere in the USA and we will be set to go. It will be a long afternoon! But I am hiding in the TV room!

This morning I went to the Royal Bank to buy some pesos to put in the safe. All they had were 1150 pesos for which they charged me $97 CAN. That is WAY over the exchange rate which says I should have been charged less than $87 CAN. At least we have a few pesos to get to Santa Ana in case the ATM in Sonoita is not working.


  1. Smart move Croft, good luck! Maybe you should consider buying a bigger M/H? Just send out Brian to look for one and you'll be fine :)

  2. Current exchange rate at our last ATM withdrawl here in Mexico was .078. So your 1,150 pesos would have cost $89.70 done that way. So yours were a little pricey, but at least you have them.

  3. Rod, if Norma had a 50 foot diesel pusher she would have it filled to the brim and blowing tires!

  4. Stop hiding you big guy!!! Just got 5000 pesos from the ATM here cost me 390 dollars!!! Mexico awaits you!!! Les

  5. a nice side by side would make a great xmas gift for her :)..I think its the greatest feature on our new rig :) just a thought for santa there...

  6. Croft, wishing you both a safe journey south. You will have to come out of hiding at some point.

    Those Pesos were kinda pricey! Good thing you exchanged so little.