Thursday, February 21, 2013


We finally got the Onan repairs organized for next week and can get out and about. We dropped the laundry off (10 pesos $.80 per kilo to wash, fold and bag) and headed to downtown Cholula for lunch and a walk. We stopped at a street side cafe for crepas where Norma had miel y limon (honey and lime) and I had cream cheese and blackberry. We shared each order and mine were by far the best. With coffees the bill was 108 pesos ($8.20). The Zocalo was being worked on as the cobblestones were being replaced with paving stones. It was a little dusty and noisy as a result but very nice nonetheless.

The "Church on The Hill" Actually disrespectfully built on top of a pre-Aztec Pyramid that they "thought" was a "hill". Would the Catholic Church lie?

A tile fronted building. Beautiful!

A Cuban butcher shop.

The Jardine (Gardens)

Ice cream anyone?

Fresh potato chips? Delicious and 22 pesos a bag.


Local church with a fresh paint job.

From our lunch table


  1. Amazingly clean streets and well cared for buildings.

    1. Once you get away from the border and into the interior, that is the norm for Mexico, Bill. It is very clean and their rules for food prep and serving are also very stringent. People handling food do not handle cash. Kids go to school in spotless uniforms.

      It is a whole other world down here.