Friday, February 22, 2013

Puebla Centro Historico

Puebla was one of the main Spanish Colonial cities in Mexico. It was founded in 1531 in an area called Cuetlaxcoapan, which means "where serpents change their skin". The land was previously uninhabited but centered between two large indigenous areas. This new city was named Puebla de los Angeles "City of Angles" because the Bishop Julián Garcés said a flock of angles told him to build here. First attempts to inhabit the city failed because of constant flooding of the nearby river. The city was designed in the classic Spanish style with a central Cathedral and a Zocalo or central square.

We drove to the Centro Historico after a late breakfast, found a convenient parking lot and started walking. We strolled down the main street until we got to the Zocalo. We explored around there, investigated the Cathedral and found a place for lunch. More on that later. Here are some of the photos I took along the way.

Reforma Street

Morales, Hero of the Revolution. Keeping watch over the Hall of Justice.

Brick and Talavera tile wall. Amazing! The whole building front is done in it!

Law Library at the Justice Ministry (the guard invited me in and allowed a flash-less photo)

The Zocalo with the Cathedral in the background.


  1. A lovely town, Croft. Thanks for the photo tour and the history.

  2. I got so behind! I just your last six posts!!!!! Glad looks to going well now.....Puebla looks pretty nice.

  3. I love New York but can't wait to get back to Mexico!

  4. I know someone from there but have never been. Thanks for the tour.