Friday, February 15, 2013

Honda Maintenance 2.1

The painter brought the car back yesterday morning and explained he had repainted the hood after noticing a flaw. The rest of the car got a nice coat of wax but I will have to do the hood myself after allowing it two or three weeks to cure. No problem, I have wax. Or I just may let the guys at one of the many car washes do it.

After the car was home Humberto called the brake mechanic but he already had three cars at his shop and could not do it. He could however, pick it up at 9:15 Friday morning, do the brake check and engine shampoo and have the car back by Friday night. We are expecting things to go a little wrong and have moved our moving day up to Saturday. No problem, we are not on a schedule. Life Is Good!

Update: He picked the car up at 9:45. Almost on time! He left his motorcycle here and promises to have the cat back this afternoon.

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