Monday, February 25, 2013

Magia Mexicanos

I have no explanation for this! I am sure the Occult is involved!

The tech came back with a helper and as he was explaining to the helper (another tech) everything he had done, he pushed the start button and it started! We repeated the process several times using all the remote start buttons and it worked every time.

You can't fix something that is working perfectly so I gave them each a Coke, shook hands and thanked them very much. They told me to phone if I had a problem and I will indeed check it a few more times before we leave Puebla. I hate these kinds of problems.

This used to happen to me when I worked and the "repair" usually involved a couple of thousand $ in helicopter time. In one case an old analog microwave radio on a mountaintop (Woss Mtn) would fail and when we got to the site, just the small jar of the door opening or our footsteps would jiggle something in the radio and it would start working. It drove us nuts for about two years and cost BC Tel tens of thousands in helicopter time as we could not find the problem or make the radio fail while we were there. We finally replaced the whole system with a digital radio and never did find the problem. We smashed all suspected areas with an axe to make sure the bad part did not get recirculated in spares.

Norm in the comments in the previous post advised me to take apart all connections and clean them. This is the same advice I got from the Onan tech but it was nice to hear (read) it in English. Thanks Norm, I will do this and also apply some dielectric grease to everything.


  1. I thought that kinda fix was FM? I'll bet you enjoyed using that axe.

  2. Good news - strange - but good news! Kinda like our fridge!

  3. Nice that it works, but makes you wonder why it didn't work the other day.
    Cleaning the connections work be a good idea too.