Thursday, February 7, 2013

Doctor's Visit

Norma woke up with an ear infection this morning so that put our plan of visiting the Thursday Aboriginal Market in nearby Zaachila on hold.

I walked two blocks to the Farmacia to see what they suggested and was lucky enough to find an English speaking pharmacist. He told me Norma had to go next door to get a prescription from a doctor with whom they work. I walked back to get Norma and we went into the doctors office. There was no reception area, just seating and a door with a sign saying the doctor was in concultation with a patient and to have a seat and wait your turn. There was no one else waiting and in three or four minutes the door opened and we went in. She started asking technical questions that were WAY beyond our Spanish level and she could not speak a word of English, in fact she sounded a little short with us. I do not blame her, we are in her country and have no business expecting her to speak our language. I went back to the farmacia and asked the pharmacist to help us. He was very kind and came with me and interpreted all the questions and answers. The doctor wrote out a prescription for drops and pills which the farmacia filled for us.

Total cost? 190 pesos ($14.88) for the drugs and the doctor's visit was FREE! She had on a shirt from the Farmacias del Ahorro next door and it seems she works for them. She does consultations only, there is no examining room.

We are doing nothing today but here are some more photos from our walk yesterday.


  1. Sorry to hear Norma isn't feeling well. It't great that you could get something for it. Hope she recovers soon.

  2. Hope Norma gets feeling better, So nice to get quick and inexpensive medical care in Mexico.

  3. I believe that many pharmacists have more knowledge than a GP.