Monday, February 18, 2013

Solenoid Problems!

Well it turns out the local Cummins-Onan dealer thought we wanted the generator (alternator) on the Ford truck engine worked on. I did not explain the problem clearly enough to the person who made the call for me so no wonder Cummins-Onan refused to work on it. It was my error in translation!

One of the other young men who works with one of the park owners came by and he speaks excellent English. He called Cummins-Onan back and they put him through to a service tech who had him do a bunch of stuff including jumping across the starter solenoid. As soon as he did this, the engine started!. It is a bad solenoid (or the initiator circuitry going to it). They have the parts and will send a service truck at noon tomorrow. I could pick up the part and change it myself but if the service guy does it he will fix it even if it is the control circuitry to the solenoid. They will also ensure the generator is functioning correctly.

They charge 800 pesos ($64) for the service call plus parts. The extra cost is worth it for the piece of mind.

I apologize for what I said about Cummins-Onan here and in a forum post. Once they got the real story, they did right by me.


  1. Glad you got that all sorted out. We have had a couple problems with solenoids on previous rigs.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaa! Glad it all got sorted out - guess you guys are too! Phew!

  3. Good communication leads to positive outcomes.....most of the time. Glad you got that problem sorted out.