Sunday, February 24, 2013

Laundry Day Mexican Style

Yesterday we did the laundry. Laundry day in Mexico is a much easier. We gathered up all the laundry, separated it into three loads, white black and colours (I am sure this step is unnecessary) and dropped it off at the tiny lavendaria across the street. The woman there weighed it and told us it would be ready at 5. That is it! No finding quarters and sweating in a hot laundry for hours!

At 5:00 I went over to pay the very reasonable charge of 114 pesos ($9.10) (10 pesos ($.82) per kilo) and brought it home. It is bagged, spotless and neatly folded. Another hard day's work done!

We didn't do much else yesterday. We had to make a grocery run and while Norma was shopping I wandered over to the appliance section and found a nice 12 cup Black & Decker coffee maker to replace our leaking Mexican branded machine that we bought last year. It was also labeled 12 cups but was much smaller than the new one, they must use smaller cups. A while ago it started leaking a couple of tablespoons of brewed coffee onto the counter with every pot. After we stopped accusing each other of spilling we discovered the leak. This one has auto shutoff which will save us the many pots of coffee that we used to forget to turn off at night. After I set up the new Black & Decker I took the old one over to the night watchman's shack and gave it to him. He was very pleased. I did not tell him about the leak but I don't think it will bother him.

On the way home from the store we passed a car wash much like the one in Oaxaca and pulled in. They did a very nice job, hand washing inside and out, vacuuming and treating the dash and tires, They charged 30 pesos ($2.40). If I can find some time today I will put a couple of coats of wax on the hood of the Honda. That was the only place the painter did not wax as he decided to repaint it when he took the car away for waxing.

Aside from that, it will be a TV day here in Clolula. We are watching the Scotties curling semi finals and the Daytona 500 is about to start with Danica Patrick in the pole position. After that the Canucks are playing hockey. So much for the day. Come to think of it, I will not have time for the hood waxing.

Life is good.


  1. Laundry is the only chore I don't mind doing, even by hand. I would not like for someone to wash my skivvies for me!

  2. What great laundry service you have. Why bother to do it yourself at those prices? The car wash was a smoking good deal too - by our Canadian standards.

  3. Gotta love the Mexican Laundry, worked pretty good for us too.

  4. Love it!!! Great price and poof the work is done! Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry