Monday, February 4, 2013

The Road To Oaxaca

Before we left Cuernavaca I checked out the route on Google Maps and modified it a little to stay on main highways. It said 457 KM and 5 1/2 hours. As I expected, that was not to be. It was a great road, similar to many secondary roads in the US and Canada. The GPS kept telling us to go to Puebla and start the journey south from there, in fact it kept telling us to turn around and go to Puebla almost all the way! My friend Rob emailed me to say I had a setting wrong which makes sense as I had to do a reset on the GPS last week after it "froze up".

We drove all the way (8 hours) with only one half hour stop for lunch and gas. We found our Oaxaca apartment easily and it looks like it is only a five or six block walk to the Zocalo where all the action is. And there will be action as this is yet another holiday in Mexico (Constitution Day).We will head down there soon.

It is cool this morning at 55 but says it will hit 90 by 2:00. The air smells very fresh. We are sitting on the private patio in front of our apartment with birds chirping and the dog hanging around looking for a treat.

These apartments are the deal of the century! Ours is one of the larger ones that they offer (3 rooms plus bath) and is only 2450 pesos ($190) for the week! I am sure a monthly deal could be negotiated for much less. We checked out hotels and few are under $80 per night and the rooms would be much smaller. It has a full kitchen so we will pick up some eggs so we can cook breakfast here in the mornings.


  1. How clean is the apartment?

    Knowing Norma, you'll be able to eat off the floor shortly. :)

    1. You could eat off the floor when we checked in! It is spotless! Bright, cheery and very comfortable. our only complaint is the dog who parked himself at the gate and barked at every noise on the street all night. But I guess that is his job so we may as well get used to it.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good deal for sure. enjoy your time there.