Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Onan Repair No Show

The service truck did not arrive today. We stayed here all day but no show. Our young Mexican friend made an inquiry for us by email and forwarded us the response. As near as I can make out it will take five to seven days to get the part, They also sent a quote or invoice and it looks like they want us to pay before they do the work, maybe before they even order the part. They want "100% deposit" to be made as a deposit to their account at a bank.

We have asked our friend to come and see us to help us get through this. We do not even know that a bad solenoid is the whole problem. That is what the service guys are supposed to determine.

Mexican business practices are a mystery to me.


  1. We had body work done on our coach in Mexico and they wanted us to pay for the whole job before they started too. Ended up 1/2 now and the rest when the job was done, worked for us.

    1. We are used to doing this at small businesses as well but Cummins is a huge international company. You would think they could front the cost of a $40 part.