Monday, February 4, 2013

Oaxaca, Day 1

We walked down to the Zocalo at about 11:00. It was about six short blocks all downhill. A couple of blocks away we found a vegetarian restaurant where we stopped for breakfast. It was very good and cost 120 pesos for the two of us. we will be back here.

We continued on to the Zocalo where we walked around and people watched. I found a stall selling men’s button up shirts and bought two, one red and one white. 320 pesos ($25) for both. That was full asking price, he would not budge. It actually took several stalls to find someone who had XG (extra grande) sizes, Oaxacan men are not normally as big as me, mediano was the going size.

By now it was 3:00 so we stopped at a curbside coffee shop and had an iced coffee to combat the 90 degree heat. After a quick stop at the grocery store we walked back home (uphill). We will head back to the Zocalo later for dinner at a street side restaurant we scouted out, but I think we might get a taxi for the uphill ride home.



  1. I'm jealous of y'all. We almost went over Christmas for a week this year. Procrastinated too long and the airfare went away. We ended up in Akumal and Isla Mujeres instead so it wasn't a bad consolation prize.

    Happy to find out about the apts. you found too. Next time we book it when we find it.

    Keep the pictures coming.

    Hugh in Dallas.

    1. Acumal and Isla Mujeres is a very good second choice Hugh, both favorites of ours. You would like these apartments!

    2. Yes we would. I told my partner about it this morning, she was ready to 'sign me up'. As I said if I see good fares anytime next winter, the trigger gets pulled.

      I hope you are eating well.

      Hugh in Dallas

  2. Beautiful place, isn't it? Completely different culture. Have fun. Hi Norma!

  3. Looking forward to your week here Croft and Norma! I'm jealous too!

  4. Another fun day exploring is always fun. Nice to see you enjoying the sights.