Friday, February 15, 2013

You Could Eat Off It!

The mechanico brought the Honda back at 4:00. He proudly opened the hood and the engine gleamed! You could eat off it if you were so inclined! It was filthy when he took it. The minor oil leak that I had for several years had leaked down the engine and had baked and burned onto everything, in some places perhaps 1/8 of an inch thick. The inside of the hood was covered with smoke residue. A real mess!

His report on the brakes was that they were all good and needed only "minor adjustments". This was a bit of a surprise because, although the brakes are working well and giving me no trouble, the front disc brakes have not had new pads for at least ten years and I imagine at least 75,000 KM's. The rear brakes were re-done in 2008 after I towed the car all day with the emergency brake on. Speaking of the emergency brake, it now works as well. It used to just pull up all the way and was unable to hold the car on a slope.

The other thing he repaired was something that was bothering me but I forgot to mention to him. The driver's side power window now goes down!!!! It used to come down a few inches and and then stick. I would then have to jam my elbow in it and, while holding the button down, press down like mad to get it down far enough to hand the toll out, It now glides down all the way without the "elbow assist"!

Total cost? 1,500 pesos ($120). A little higher than what I expected perhaps but still cheap by NOB standards. And to be fair, I do not know what was entailed in fixing the window. Oh yes, he told me that considering the age of the car, it is in excellent shape. So there dad!

I might just go out and eat my dinner off the engine tonight. Life is good!


  1. I think you found the fellow at the end of the rainbow!! Yes your Dad is proud of you.

  2. I agree with Contessa. And BTW, LOL!!! (so there dad)

  3. Nice result Croft. I think that car will be around in another ten years, considering the investment made in revitalization.

  4. Nice to find a mechanic that takes pride in his work and get everything fixed up.