Sunday, February 10, 2013

Leaving Oaxaca

This morning we hit the road back to Cuernavaca. I think we will let the GPS take us back on the toll roads. It is a bit further but we should be able to keep it right on 100 - 110 KPH all the way. Stay tuned!

EDIT: We left Oaxaca at about 10:15 AM and arrived in Cuernavaca just before 6:00 PM. A few miles longer route through Puebla, about the same amount of time but better roads. We made a 45 - 60 minute stop for gas and lunch.

Too tired to Blog and my butt hurts from sitting. Tomorrow!


  1. Thanks! Croft and Norma - I sure enjoyed our trip to Oaxaca! It just flew by..... no Monte Alban? or the Tule tree? Safe travels - although I guess you are already back...