Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bubba Gumps

We went to Bubba Gumps for dinner tonight. It was pretty good. We had their "Shrimpers Heaven" combo and a crab stuffed mushroom caps appetizer and shared everything. It was $30 with just water to drink. There was a really good Motown singer on the street below us to keep us entertained. I made sure to stop by and drop $5 into their collection plate.

We had parked in the Paris Casino's self parking lot and when we walked back through the casino to the elevators we heard another good group singing oldies. We walked around until we found the lounge where they were and went in. There was a two drink minimum but the waitress said it was near the end of their performance so she would let us in for just one drink each. I had a Foster's draft and Norma a glass of wine and it was $22 plus tip. They were four old black guys and could really sing. Their Marvin Gaye songs sounded like originals. Really nice.

The Jersey Boys are performing there and I glanced at the prices for that show - $70 for the nosebleed section and $170 for the better seats.


  1. When you consider that you cold get a 12 pack of Fosters, and 2 bottles of wine for $22, I hope you enjoyed the show;)

  2. Why pay when you can get Chris & Juan not only to sing for free but to dance on your table?

  3. After being in Mexico, the prices in the USA are high, then back in Canada even higher. Nice to have a treat once in a while.

  4. As long as you enjoyed yourselves and the music it was worth it!