Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great Breakfast And a Camping World Trip

I had a craving for breakfast out this morning so I Googled "best San Antonio breakfast" and found the Magnolia Pancake Haus. I asked Rae if she would like to join us and she agreed. It turns out that she had just finished her breakfast but as it turned out, it didn't matter.

The restaurant was quite a ways away but Ms. Garmin got us there. The first thing we saw were dozens of people waiting outside! "What day is this"? someone asked. "Saturday" someone answered. The second worse day to go out for breakfast, Sunday being the worst!

We checked in and were told it would be about an hour. Oh well, we could leave and find another place but there would be a lineup there as well. Norma bought a newspaper and we found a seat. It was just over an hour before I got a text message telling me our table was ready but it was well worth the wait! All the food was delicious and the coffee was an excellent European Blend.

Ray had a "short Stack" with a side of sausage and managed to finish it. Norma had French Toast made with three thick slabs of banana bread with a side of two poached eggs. She ate the eggs and 3/4 of one slice of her french toast. The rest came home with her for our breakfast tomorrow. I had the house specialty, two huge pancakes stuffed with stewed apples with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top! It was delicious and I almost finished it off. I managed to slip a chunk onto Ray's plate and what was left went into Norma's "Doggie Bag".

We then headed to Camping World where we picked up a few things we needed, including a new sewer hose and a fluorescent light for the kitchen to replace the one that burned out in Mexico. Rae failed to find new knobs for her Atwood stove but did manage to get the stock numbers for them so she can order them online or at least call ahead to other RV supply places for them. They have proven hard to find.

Tomorrow we head out. We are going to have to start putting some miles on but Norma wants to stop at Fredericksburg, TX which is only one hour north! I will be behind her hurrying her along but rushing her is like herding cats.

It will be an interesting day!

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