Monday, April 15, 2013

There Are Worse Places To Be Stranded

I have mentioned the propane smell before. We have been pretty much ignoring it because as long as there is a breeze, we do not notice it inside. However, we need the propane turned on while we drive to keep the fridge operating and propane leaks, even small ones, are not good.

We started calling repair people on Friday but ran out of time. All shops were closed for the weekend and this morning, we found Double Eagle RV Repair out on the Boulder Highway who can work on it on Wednesday afternoon. So... we will pay for a couple more nights here at the Oasis and then take the RV over to the shop, about 16 miles away, on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully they will be able to let us stay there overnight and we can get an early start Thursday morning. It will be another run for the border.

At least the weather is nice here in Las Vegas so we can have some more pool time. No more Casinos though. I think it will be a while before I come back to Sin City!


  1. Never been to Vegas. My employer recently offered us her house there to stay at whenever we want it. So i guess we'll have to take her up on that offer, even though we have never felt the urge to go there.

    The house has a pool and hot tub so if we don't like the action in town, at least we'll have a good time relaxing at the house.

    Hope you get the profane problem fixed, it's scary stuff when there is a leak.

    Safe travels!

  2. Good plan to ge tthe porpane leak looked after before you continue the drive for home.

    We are not gamblers - at least not the casino type! We gambled in business - all of our working lives - and continue to gamble on investment stuff.....but never on one arm bandits.

  3. You are going to have to rush to the border. Too bad about the propane problem. $43.00 = ouch. At least the booze and food are cheap.

  4. I wouldn't mind being stranded in Vegas either! But I am concerned about the hard driving you're going to have to do. Hope the mountain passes are clear.

    1. We will get away on the 17th or 18th so we will have ten days to get home. It will work out fine. We will just have to put on a few more miles per day than usual.