Friday, April 12, 2013

Wikieup To Sin City

We got up early again this morning, 6:00 by the clock but 8:00 by our bodies, packed up an left before 8:00.  A stop for gas and breakfast and then on through Kingman, AZ to Hoover Dam. We went over the bridge which is spectacular but you can see nothing when you are on it. We could have parked and walked back to see it but we passed. We will wait for the even more (much more) spectacular bridge on the new highway between Mazatlan and Durango to be completed.

We had researched RV parks in Las Vegas and found the Oasis is now a Passport America park but of course, when we got there we were informed they do not accept PA in March or April. Of course not, that is when all the Snowbirds are returning home and looking for a deal for a couple of days. The full rate for a standard back-in site is $48 less 10% for Good Sam. $140 for three nights after taxes.

StarChoice was a little difficult because of all the trees around our site so I ended up right against the side of our neighbors RV. I will have to beg forgiveness when they get home. I am sure I am not bothering them. It is on the side they do not use.

We sneaked a very quick (illegal) car wash on the Honda, using as little water as possible and I am happy to report all traces were evaporated in the hot 84 F sun before security made their rounds.

We will save our trip to Las Vegas Blvd until tomorrow. Maybe Fremont Street the next day.


  1. We always stay at Lake Mead, quiet and $10 a night. Hard to beat. This year we stayed at Las Vegas bay campground, easy access to Vegas/Henderson. Safe travels.

  2. Just pulled into the big Q and it is 90F and we are dry camping. Do you really put up your dish each night? In the two week trip home we will set it up just the once, Sunday night! Don't lose too much to those one armed bandits.

  3. So easy to set up the dish once you get used to it.
    Enjoy the strip and Freemont st.

  4. Oasis is a nice park, we stayed there a few years ago. Have fun and good luck!!!!