Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dazzo's Restaurant & RV Park, Wikieup, AZ

A 400 mile drive today. A little long but we have to put some miles on and Norma wants to spend a couple of nights in Sin City (Las Vegas). We got an early start this morning because we gained two hours crossing one time zone into Arizona. I guess it is because Arizona does not use Daylight Savings Time. I set the clocks one hour back and we got up at what we thought was 7:00 AM but when I walked over for our free waffles, they told me to come back in a half hour. I was too early, they did not open till 7:00!

So what with getting up at 6:00 AM, we ate, stowed everything away and were on the road well before 9:00. We drove to Tuscon, then up to Phoenix and found Highway 60/93 to Wickenburg, AZ. where thought we would stop. However, it was only 1:00 PM when we got there so we had lunch (huge American portions so it will probably be dinner as well) and drove another 75 miles to Wikieup where there is a Passport America park, "Dazzo's Restaurant and RV Park". We pulled in, Dazzo himself walked over to the motorhome and told us the rate was $20 for full hookups C/W good WIFI. I said we were Passport America and he said, "Ten dollars then". Good deal. They have pull troughs and 30 amps.

I was tired after the drive but Norma wanted StarChoice so I got the angles from a file on the computer and looked up the park on It gave me a satellite view of the park showing the path to the satellite straight down the side of the motorhome. I set the elevation and skew and pointed it down the side of the motorhome. I turned on the TV and the receiver and I had a picture!!! Once more I had nailed it without trying. A tiny adjustment turned my workable 77 signal strength into a fantastic 97 and we are done.

It is warm here as we are well away from the Texas cold front. It was 95 when we parked and is now 88 at 4:30. It will be a nice, quiet night!

Well, I thought Norma was safe from shopping temptations here in Wikieup. Not so! Dan, the Tie-Dye Guy has a shop right out front and Norma bought two 60's, Hippie style, tie-dye t-shirts for us. They are actually very nice and she says, "cheap" although she will not tell me how much. Dan is reading this. Hi Dan! Nice shirts! OK, where is my "Hair" record?


  1. I think Vegas is going to be an expensive visit for you ;)

  2. Yup, plenty of shopping in "lost wages".

  3. Nice spot for the night.
    I love that dishpointer website so easy to set up any satellite dish.
    Enjoy Vegas!

    1. My only complaint with Dishpointer is that the further you get south, the more inaccurate their skew settings are. I have no idea why but down in southern Mexico, they are out by about 5 degrees. I have all the correct shews in a file so it is no problem. For this location they are correct, but I always double check.