Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have We Decided On A Route?

As much as we ever do, we have picked a route. Norma always asks for a "different" way home but there really are not that many choices. Well, Deadwood, SD has been on my bucket list for decades and that route adds only 300 miles to the direct route so that is what we are thinking of.

Tomorrow morning we will make the short drive to San Antonio where there is a camping World where we have to buy a new florescent light fixture for the kitchen and a new sewer hose C/W ends. After that we will have to average about 3 hours driving per day to make it home by tax time.


  1. That's practically my route, at least as far as Montana! Safe travels!

  2. Well that is a different route! We will do the same I5 and drive 300 miles per day. Boring but doable.