Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mars Rovers

Just in case you forgot, the twin Mars Rovers have been on the surface of Mars for just under TEN YEARS and one of them, Opportunity, is still functioning! These rovers were launched on June 7th and July 10, 2003! They landed and deployed on January 4 and 25 of 2004.

Their goal was to cover one kilometer, performing scientific experiments along the way. It was hoped at the time that they would survive two to six months. These goals have been far exceeded with Opportunity covering 35.65 kilometers and Spirit, 7.73 kilometers before it went dead, probably from dust covering it's solar panels. This is an amazing feat and the scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratories have a lot to be proud of!

This was a day off for us and we did nothing! We will try to make it to Oregon tomorrow.


  1. Gotta love the doing nothing days, very relaxing.

  2. I think we forget sometimes how much is going on around us.

  3. Both the Mars rovers and the voyagers are amazing feats.

  4. Hey Croft and Norma. Just getting in touch up here in frozen Campbell River to update you on the house and all since the ice-storm. We've managed to dig out the front door, I've never seen snow drifts get up past 12 feet, but you know Canada. Half of the sled dogs starved to death but the neighbours dogs ate them so it wasn't a dead loss. The Northern Lights are helping us rebuild the igloo at night, and we've managed to get an icebreaker with supplies within the 10 mile limit so you'll have enough seal blubber to get you through the summer. Sure hope we get above zero by August. Lots of luck on your return voyage - you do have skis for the Motor Home right?....cheers Brian G.

    1. Thanks Brian. Glad to hear all is "normal" on the homestead.