Thursday, April 25, 2013

In The Ferry Lineup

We are in the ferry lineup at Port Angeles, WA. They measured us at 48 feet and the bill was $224 USA. We got here at 9:30 and the ferry sails at 2:30. We are guaranteed to get on.

After we parked and paid, we walked over to a little restaurant next door to have our last HUGE portion breakfast in the USA for a few months.

Norma is fretting around and making lists "just in case they ask us". My Virgin Broadband works here so I am playing on the computer.

Just a few more hours till we are back on Canadian soil!


  1. Where does customs happen? Before you get on board? On board? On arrival?

    I hope you have an uneventful final leg of your trip! I'm so glad we got to see each other this winter.

  2. The inspection is done on the far side, no matter which way you are traveling.

    Here is hoping they don't decide to measure all the part bottles of booze at $1 per ounce after our allowed one liter each! We have always been honest with them and they have always let us off.

    1. I had a big surprise when I declared our alcohol.. The charge was 150% + gst,pst..Not worth bringing any back. We crossed at Anacortes (51 ft) and the cost was $146 (under 50)the cost is lower ($120?).. You might want to check out going from Sidney to Anacortes (WSF) another year. Welcome back to Canada..I ordered sunshine for you.. chuckle Carol

  3. Wow, stress levels go up outside of Mexico!!! Good luck on the alcohol.

  4. By now you should be with LIndaLee and relaxed. Welcome back to Canada.

  5. Welcome home! Hope you made it past the Border Agents with no problems. When we got off the Coho ferry 2 weeks ago, nobody even asked us about alcohol or anything else, really. It was easy and fast.

  6. Welcome back to the great white north!
    If you have problems with the booze, throw it all in the blender and have a party!

  7. 'Just in case they ask us' LOL got a LOVE that - made me laugh! Crazy how we all prepare so well for such a thing - then it is so easy and they don't ask and we think - darn - we should have brought more! Just joking - well - sort of!

    Welcome home!!!!! - glad you guys made it safely - and avoided all the snow we and K & R had to wrestle with!