Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seven Cedars Casino

We finished our day parked for the night in the huge lot behind the Seven Cedars Casino on the Olympic Peninsula near Sequim ("Squim"). I love the drive here but the narrow winding road with ever changing speed limits is exhausting.

The Aboriginal band that owns the casino has a deal on right now. Buy ten gallons of gas at their gas station and they will give you $5 in free slot play and a $5 discount in any casino restaurant. We bought gas and took the receipt to the rewards desk. She gave me my $5 ticket for the slots and told me that as soon as I earned ten points to come back and she would give me another. Even a better deal!

I turned that free $10 in slot play into $19.90 cash and that added to the $5 meal discount bought us dinner at their little Italian restaurant. Well I had to add $10 of my own money but still a good deal!

I noticed they had a coin counter so we came back to the motorhome and gathered up all our USA change and I walked it back. She ran it through and handed me just under $25 for the coins.

We are trying for the 2:00 ferry tomorrow. We could not get reservations but she told us if we were in line by 10 AM we should get on. I am looking forward to seeing our DIL, LindaLee. It has been a long time!


  1. Gotta love the casino deals that you can get out there. On the home stretch, home it goes well for you.