Monday, April 22, 2013

Pendleton, OR

Sorry, no Internet last night. We stayed in Catfish Junction RV Park ("B" on the map) last night, a nice, clean $12 a night Passport America park. Very nice people and very dark and quiet. Until the wind came up at about 1:00 AM! It blew very hard for three or four hours and then died down. No problems except our bedroom rocking back and forth, and not in a fun way.

We got up at eight and headed for Pendleton and it's Les Schwab Tire shop and Walmart Superstore. I want to get the tires checked and inflated properly and an oil and lube done at Walmart. We will probably spend the night if Walmart is RV friendly.

EDIT: Yes, Norma found the Pendleton Wool Factory Outlet.


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  1. That wind thing reminds me of the first time we went through a bit of a wind right after I had installed a pipe for our "slinky slinky". I didn't like having it in one of the bays, so I had this bright idea to put it in a piece of drainage pipe that I suspended under the RV with some all round. It worked like a charm.
    Only thing was, I got the kind with the holes in it (for drainage, you know) but that meant that, when the wind blew, there was this ungodly low howl...Like someone blowing across the top of a huge jug...
    Very spooky. Thankfully it only woke me up, and not my wife.
    So...don't get the white kind with the holes. Just thought I'd mention it.