Friday, April 5, 2013

San Antonio

We got a not so early 10:00 AM start this morning and drove to San Antonio. with a stop for gas and lunch along the way. Our friend Rae has been staying at an RV park just south of town so we got the directions and pulled in at about 2:00 PM. As we were setting up, Rae walked over and we started catching up. I went out to set up the Starchoice dish and performed what might be the second quickest setup in (my) history! I set the skew and elevation and just as I started swinging the dish, I saw a flash of green bar on the TV. I swung it back a hair and there it was, not perfect but usable. I pulled back on the top of the dish and it became a perfect signal so I stepped on the back of my homemade mount to seat it a little into the sandy soil and I was done. Maybe thirty seconds of searching the sky.

I will never better my best time which was once when I put the dish together, pointed it in the general direction of the satellite, went in to turn on the TV and it was working! I had nailed it without any searching whatsoever! Blind luck that will only happen once in a lifetime.

After a congratulatory beer, we all headed out for the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Norma had pork chops, Rae, the ham and I satisfied my winter long craving for catfish! A great dinner. We got home early, said goodnight to Rae and retired early. A perfect day!

It is a little cooler here than in Laredo, a trend that will continue as we head north. Our friend Brian emailed to remind me that it might be a little early in the year to avoid snow on our planned Route through Deadwood, SD so we are now considering one of the old standby routes through Albuquerque where my friend Pat tells me the wind is blowing. Maybe this time it will be a tail wind!.

My worst time was at Mr. Moro RV park on the west coast of Mexico when I could not find a signal at all. I tried for three days as did two other RV's. Another rig pulled in with an automatic StarChoice dish on the roof. He turned it on and it was still searching the next day. We had a wide open, unobstructed view of the sky and clear weather. It must have been a UFO thing. Or maybe CIA.


  1. Love our catfish too, so nice to visit with friends.
    I did the same thing with our Starchoice dish the other day as well. Set it up turned on the rv and 92% sure do love when that happens.
    Take you time heading north.

  2. The gardening feature in the morning paper compared the degree chart from normal, to this year, normal is 260 for April 6th, this year it sits at 32-stay south my friend as long as you can.

  3. Too funny, we had the same problem at Mr. Moros's years back. After a week we discovered that the LNB was broken. However the other 3 RV's could not get a signal either. Must be a UFO thing.