Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ely To Jackpot

It was a fairly short drive today. We got up at seven, made a pot of coffee and then walked over for a casino breakfast. $4.60 for a huge plate of eggs, hash browns and toast. Walked back and had a great conversation with our neighbours, George and Salli The Author's They are touring America interviewing working writers. They are an interesting couple.

We then hit the road, intending to drive to Twin Falls, Idaho. Along the way, Norma started searching for RV parks in the area but nothing jumped out at her. She asked If I wanted to stop at Jackpot, NV, about 40 miles before Twin Falls where there was an $18 RV park at Cactus Pete's Casino. That sounded good to me.

There were small piles of snow along the side of the road and we drove with the heater on all the way. It spitted rain the odd time and I would not have been surprised if it had turned to snow, but it did not.

It was only about 3:00 when we stopped at Jackpot under a cold, overcast sky. There were some programs we wanted to tape so we set up the Starchoice. It started raining just before I finished. We relaxed a while and headed over to the casino at about 5:30. I put $10 into the penny slots and slowly lost it all while Norma put $80 ($20 at a time) into a Wheel of Fortune) and won $185. $100 profit, not bad.

We are now only 800 miles from the Port Angeles, WA ferry to Vancouver Island so we decided to take a day off traveling. We have six days to make it there and can drive the 800 miles easily in three or four so we can slow down a little.

The repairs to the propane are holding and we tried the generator once and it worked fine. So far, so good. Life is expensive at times, but good!

Yesterday's drive:


  1. Recouping some of your repair bill! Have fun. Hi Norma!

  2. Well Croft we were in the ValleyView RV park in Ely on Friday night. Too bad we didn't know you were at the Casino! There is a decent RV park (Twin Falls 93 RV Park) on your right just before you make the turn on highway 93 to go into Twin Falls. Nothing fancy but an okay stop. We made it to the Boise/Meridian RV park yesterday and it wasn't fun! The wind kicked up just past Wells (not too bad) but once we got out onto I84 it was really blowing. We stopped in Jerome for fuel and just about didn't continue. Made it okay as the rig can take quite a bit of wind. Parked here until we leave on Tuesday morning (supposed to be really windy here tonight and tomorrow.) We plan to stop a couple of days in Soap Lake, Wash. and then onto Kelowna at the end of the week. Drive safe!