Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mt. St. Helen's RV Park

We decided to stop at Mount St. Helens for the night. The Mount St. Helens RV Park was listed as a Passport America park but is no longer. We got a night at the Good Sam rate of $27 instead of $15. Not so good a deal but it is a nice park, eight miles off the highway so it will be very quiet as long as the volcano behaves.

When I was getting the Starchoice dish out of the car. I noticed the electric locks did not work. I then realized the parking lights were on and the battery was flat dead! I must have hit the steering wheel switch when I was loading stuff into the car this morning. Luckily, I carry a battery charger with me so I hooked it up and it will charge tonight. We don't need the car tonight anyway. Life is good!

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  1. Really hate when we pull into a discounted park and find out are no longer in the system. At least the good Sam discount takes the edge off a bit.