Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

This is one of my favorite programs on TV. They come up with some really neat places all over the USA. I even have a POI add-on on our GPS to find these places. Having said that, we have never actually been to one of their featured spots.

Last week the program featured an English Pub style place in Houston, TX called the Red Lion. Today we were almost recovered from the past week’s festivities and decided to go for a drive that included a lunch stop at the Red Lion.

We drove down to the south end of Galveston Island, across the toll bridge and then took the roundabout route to Houston. The Garmin lady then took us right to the restaurant. It was a very British Pub furnished with lots of dark wood and leather seating. I had been planning to order the fish and chips but was tempted away from that by the Fisherman’s Pie ($15). Norma ordered the Shepherds Pie ($14) and we each added a glass of ice water with lemon because we had a good hour’s drive back and the drinks were a little overpriced IMHO.

The food was very good and in reasonably sized portions. I cleaned my plate and Norma ate about 80% of hers, which is actually very good for her. We got back onto the highway to Galveston at about 2:30 and found the rush hour had already started! It took us about two hours to get home, just in time for coffee, apple pie and cheese.

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  1. Ain't it wonderful when rush hour is almost all day? Jeez! The coffee, apple pie and cheese sounds good though.