Friday, January 7, 2011

New Orleans Solution

John & Brenda commented that there is an RV park very near the French Quarter. I Googled and found it! It is the French Quarter RV Resort and is indeed very close to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street! There is a streetcar to take us there for $1.25 and cabs to take us back. It is fairly pricey at $70 per night but is still much cheaper than the alternative which would be to leave the motorhome in an RV park out of town for +/- $30 a night and drive the car to a $200 (plus parking) per night hotel. I think this is the perfect solution and I will be able to enjoy Bourbon Street and have a couple of drinks without having to worry about driving.

Thanks JB and Kevin for the idea.


  1. You will enjoy the ambiance, I'm sure. It is one of our favourite places. Enjoy the music, food and libations.


  2. Avoid Bourbon Street and have a great time.