Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pont Breaux, Louisiane

Hey Rae, that’s French! You would love it down here. Cold like you are used to and lots of chances to speak French, although you would probably not recognize it as French.

The area was all part of Firmin Breaux’s property. Breaux was an Acadian who landed here in 1766. His property was on both sides of the Bayou Teche so he built a rope “bridge” over the bayou and allowed his friends and neighbors to use it. The area became known as breaux’s Bridge and the settlement that grew around it as Breaux Bridge.

Here is the “new” bridge and the plaque in the Historic Center of town:


And the main intersection:


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  1. I find Creole the related Acadian are two of the most difficult forms of French! They are like Scots. You have to treat them like a different language because of the vocabulary and accent.

    Oh, and it's WARM here. We're hitting +10 today!