Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kicking Myself

We passed through Winnie, TX just before we crossed into Louisiana yesterday and there was “Nutty Jerry’s” Club. The billboard outside advertised a live performance by Jerry Lee Lewis & Percy Sledge!  The date of the show is January 21 and it was only the 18th. We would have had to hang around in pretty much the middle of nowhere for four nights. We decided to let the opportunity pass but I just know I will be regretting it!
We pressed on to Lake Charles, LA where we are ensconced in a very nice, new Walmart parking lot. We asked if we could park for the night and were told, “Of course! Just pick a spot and stay as long as you want! Friendly people here in Louisiana!

It was about 65 and dry when we parked at just after 5:00 and was 61 at 7:00 PM. Not bad and warmer than it has been. We are getting two HD channels off air. Life Is Good!


  1. When you arrive in New Orleans there will be great music but that local show would have been quite unique.

  2. Jerry Lee Lewis & Percy Sledge

    Great show I bet! Percy Sledge - I have a story...